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Kentucky Replacement Car Title Forms

Replacing Your Car Title in Kentucky
So how do you replace your car title if it’s lost and get a duplicate in the state of Kentucky? Kentucky has an unusual portion of their law which requires any application to be acted on by the DMV within five business days. There’s no other state that I’m aware of that has a requirement in the statutes for such a quick turnaround.

Required Form and Application Details
Their form is called the TC 96-182. There’s a link to it at the bottom of this YouTube video. That form is required to be filled out by the applicant. If there’s a transfer, then sales tax has to be paid at the time of application. It’s possible that inspection of the vehicle might be required.

Fees and Processing Time
The good news is there’s only a six dollar fee for that duplicate title. Remember, by law the agency has to act on it within five days. In fact, if you want a speed title, you can pay an extra 19 dollars for a total of 25, which means that they have to act on it within 48 hours to hand you a title.

Title Validity and Reactivation
The titles are good for as long as you own the vehicle. However, if there’s no activity on that title, no current registration after five years, the title will become archived and dormant. To reactivate it, there might be an additional fee to bring it back to life and have it be an active title again.

Key Points to Remember
So in Kentucky, there are a few unusual factors in getting titles. They have to turn it around quick, you do need to have sales tax paid if there’s a transfer, and most importantly, you have to have that document notarized to verify your identity before they issue a new title.

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