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Illinois Lost Vehicle Title

Applying for a Duplicate Title
In Illinois, if you need a Duplicate Car Title, you apply for one through the Secretary of State using Form VSD-190. You have the option to fill out the form online, print it out, or submit it through other means.

The Search for the Lost Title
If you’ve misplaced your car title in Illinois, it’s crucial to search diligently before going through the process of obtaining a duplicate. The duplicate car title fee in Illinois is $95, one of the highest in the country. Most states charge significantly less, around $10 to $20.

Completing the form
When filling out Form VSD-190, ensure that you complete the mileage section accurately. If this section is left incomplete or filled incorrectly, the form may be rejected, and you won’t receive the duplicate title.

Restrictions for Out-of-State Residents
Out-of-state residents are not eligible to apply for a duplicate title in Illinois. If you purchased a vehicle from an Illinois resident without a title, you must have the Illinois resident fill out the necessary forms.

Receiving the title
Once you’ve submitted the required forms and payment, you’ll receive a piece of paper with your name on it, serving as evidence that you are the owner of the car. However, it’s always wise to make a thorough effort to locate the original title before spending $100 on a duplicate.

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