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Illegal Lost Car Title Scams

Beware of common title scams

  • The Mechanic’s Lien Scam
    One of the most prevalent title scams involves the misuse of mechanic’s liens. Typically, it’s a body shop or a towing company exploiting this process to obtain a title for a vehicle they didn’t service. While a mechanic’s lien is meant to secure payment for work done on a vehicle, misusing it to obtain titles for unrelated cars is highly illegal and can lead to serious legal consequences.
  • Signing Over Titles to Unknown Agents
    Another common scam involves signing over the title to a title agent, often an online company, or granting power of attorney to an unknown entity. By doing so, you effectively relinquish your rights over the vehicle to an unfamiliar party, risking potential fraud or misuse of your ownership rights.
  • Unlicensed title processing companies
    Many fall victim to unlicensed companies promising to process car titles. However, most states require specific licenses for car titling and registration businesses. Engaging with unlicensed entities not only puts you at risk of legal trouble but also jeopardizes your ownership rights, as fraudulent practices can result in the loss of the vehicle and legal consequences.

Stay informed to avoid scams

  • Ongoing Reports of Title Fraud
    The prevalence of car title scams is alarming, with numerous news stories surfacing every week. A simple Google search for terms like “car title scams” or “illegal car titles” yields countless reports of individuals facing consequences for engaging in fraudulent or improper methods of obtaining lost car titles.
  • Importance of Legal Title Processes
    Rather than resorting to dubious methods, it’s crucial to adhere to legal processes when obtaining a car title. By following the proper procedures, you can ensure that your title remains valid and secure, safeguarding yourself from potential revocation or legal repercussions in the future.

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