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How To Sell A Car With No Title

Are you looking for advice on how to sell a car with no title? You’re not alone if you have questions about how to sell a car with no title. However, before you proceed with the sale, you’ll want to learn about the legalities and restrictions of selling a car without a title.

If you’re trying to sell a car that does not have a title, the process is going to be more complicated. It’s illegal for anyone in most states to sell a vehicle without a title, but there are exceptions. In some cases, you might be able to sell it as parts-only. The best way to get around this issue is to get your hands on a replacement title before you attempt to sell your vehicle.

File a duplicate title

Were you the last titled owner of the vehicle? If so, filing for a duplicate title is the easiest way to get a new car title. Simply visit the DMV in the state where you were the last titled owner, provide the necessary documentation and identification, then they’ll reissue you a title. If you’re applying for a duplicate title, please note that you cannot apply for a duplicate title in a state other than the last titled state. For example, if your car was last titled in Florida, but you now live in Colorado, you must contact the Florida DMV to obtain your duplicate title. Similarly, if you were not the last titled owner of this vehicle, this title recovery method will not work.

Get a bonded title

A bonded title can be obtained if you have a car with no title and limited documentation. The bonded title process requires the vehicle owner to purchase a surety bond for the vehicle which typically is under $100. The surety bond allows for protection for the lender if someone else were to prove ownership of the vehicle or otherwise invalidate the bonded title. Once you have your bonded title, you can register the vehicle at your local DMV. Be sure to check your state laws as not all states accept bonded titles.

Use the Vermont title loophole

The Vermont title loophole has been used for years as a way for vehicle owners to get a title for a vehicle over 15 years old. Vermont is a non-titling jurisdiction, meaning they do not produce titles for vehicles over a certain year. The loophole is that just about anyone, not just residents of Vermont can use this method if they have a bill of sale and a car over 15 years old. By registering your 15+-year-old car in Vermont, the registration itself is the state’s version of a car title for that age of vehicle. After you register your car in Vermont, you can then transfer the registration to a title in your home state.

Get a court-ordered title

If all else fails, your county court may be able to help. A court-ordered title is a very valuable method to get a title. It may take some extra steps, but once you have a court order from a judge that declares you the owner of the vehicle, the DMV is required by law to issue you a new title in your name. Use this method as a last resort as the courts will likely require you to attempt to get a title using other methods first.

All in all, if you’re trying to sell your vehicle, make sure you have a valid certificate of title to give to your buyer. Not only because it’s the right and legally correct thing to do, but also because it relieves you of liability over the vehicle. Until you receive your new title and sign it over to the buyer’s name and they transfer it, you are responsible for the taxes, fees, fines, and anything else that happens to the vehicle. Play it safe, get a replacement title to sign over to your buyer before selling your car.

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