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How To Get A Title For A Trailer

Getting a Title for a Trailer
So can you get a title for a trailer as a vehicle title? Well, yes you can, but the tricky part to a trailer is making sure that the trailer actually has a valid VIN number or serial number. Many times the problem with a trailer is there wasn’t a proper serial number created for that trailer. If it was a homemade trailer or kind of a backyard trailer, it may not have a VD number. Or, if it was originally manufactured with the VIN number, sometimes that serial number disappears because it’s attached to the frame or attached to the tongue or the hitch and it either gets rusted or falls off or it was a sticker and it falls off altogether.

Ensuring a VIN Number
So the first thing to do if you have a trailer is to make sure you have a VIN number. If you have a VIN number, you’re in good shape. The only problem could be some states don’t… Your video will be back in 8 seconds. In the meantime, remember you have access to live one-on-one consultation with the undivided attention of a licensed certified expert in this subject and many others. We want to listen to your story, we want to hear your questions, and give you expert advisement of your options. We want to tell you what we know about your situation and what options you have. Now, back to your video.

Title Requirements by State
Title trailers below a certain weight; they consider it to be more like equipment than actually a vehicle. So make sure your state titles trailers of that year, size, and weight. If they do, then you can go through the title recovery process. Also, if your particular state jurisdiction does not give titles for trailers if it’s too small, they might be able to still give you a license plate or registration which allows you to drive it without having a title. So check into title requirements in your state. You can use the link below to see what information you might be able to get.

Importance of VIN or Serial Number
Trailers are just like any other type of road vehicle. It’s not a motor vehicle; it’s a tow vehicle. If it has a serial number or VIN number, you’ll be in good shape. Thank you for watching. Remember you can access live one-on-one personal consultations with a licensed private investigator, a licensed commercial insurance broker, a licensed certified real estate title examiner, and also a certified civil court mediator. So if you have a need to talk to an expert in any of these fields, or even a licensed building general contractor, you can click the link below and arrange a live one-on-one session with a licensed expert where you can ask any questions, get information about your situation, and we’d be glad to help.

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