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How to Get a Copy of a Car Title

There are many reasons why you may need to obtain a copy of your car title. If your car title was lost, damaged, stolen, or mutilated, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. However, it’s essential to know that when a copy of a car title is issued, it is known as a duplicate title and becomes the active title. Once this duplicate title is printed, the old title is now invalid. A duplicate title is an exact copy of the certificate of title on file, and not everyone is eligible to get one. The only person(s) that are entitled to apply for a duplicate title is the current titleholder and the person whose name appears on the face of the title. 

How to obtain a duplicate title

To get a copy of your car title, the process may vary depending on the state, but generally, this is how it works:

Step 1: Locate the state where the vehicle was last titled

Duplicate titles are only issued from the state where the vehicle was last titled. If you’ve moved since you last titled your car, you must apply for a duplicate title with your former state of residence. The good news is that most of the time, duplicate title applications can be done by mail as long as all the necessary information and signatures are present. 

Step 2: Complete and mail your state’s duplicate title application

All states have a duplicate title process for vehicles, but each has a slightly different form. Locate the form for your state, complete it in its entirety, have it notarized if needed, and mail it along with the duplicate title fees for your state to your state’s DMV. If your vehicle previously had a loan that has not been removed, you’ll also need to provide a lien release from your lender. Ensure all signatures are correct and visible on the application; if there is more than one owner, all owners must sign the duplicate title application. 

Before mailing, make a photocopy of the documents you are sending. You won’t be able to use them for any official process, but it will be helpful to reference in the event that your DMV has any questions.

Step 3: Receive your title in the mail from the DMV

If your application is accepted, the DMV in your state will mail you your new title typically within 4-6 weeks. If there are problems with your application, a DMV agent will contact you directly by phone, email, or mail, as stated on the state application. 

In conclusion, getting a copy of your car title is known as the duplicate title process and can only be done by the current titled owner of the vehicle. Make sure to gather all necessary information and documents for the DMV and make a photocopy for your own reference if needed. If it’s your car, you deserve a title in your name.

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