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How To Get A Bonded Title in North Carolina

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If you are a North Carolina resident, a bonded title can be an effective way to recover your vehicle title if you don’t have sufficient evidence of ownership.

What is a bonded title?

A bonded title is a type of title recovery method that requires the purchase of a surety bond, also known as a vehicle title bond, to secure the ownership of the vehicle. This is because, in order to receive a bonded title, you must have a significant lack of proper documentation. The DMV in your state is essentially taking your word that you are the vehicle owner. The vehicle title bond provides security for the DMV to assign the ownership in the event that there is an ownership discrepancy after the bonded title is issued.×158.png

How to get a bonded title in North Carolina

Before beginning your bonded title process, make sure that your vehicle meets the eligibility for a bonded title.

Vehicle requirements for a bonded title in North Carolina

  • The vehicle is not abandoned
  • The vehicle does not have any liens (mechanic’s lien, title lien, storage lien, etc.)
  • The vehicle is not branded (salvage, junk, parts-only, non-repairable, certificate of destruction)
  • There is no pending litigation for the vehicle
  • The vehicle is physically domiciled in North Carolina
  • The applicant must be a resident of North Carolina

How to apply for a bonded title in North Carolina

If your vehicle meets the eligibility requirements of a North Carolina bonded title, begin the application process by completing the Affidavit of Facts (MVR-92H) and the Application for Title (MVR-1). After completing the Affidavit of Facts, this document must be notarized.


The bonded title process requires that all vehicles are inspected prior to the title being issued. To schedule your inspection, contact the NCDMV License & Theft Bureau. Bring all forms and documents for your application to this inspection. Once your inspection is complete, the officer who inspected the vehicle will complete the Report of Inspection (LT-270).

After your initial inspection, North Carolina requires an additional inspection for safety and emissions. To schedule your inspection, contact your nearest Inspection Station.

Title bond

Once your vehicle has been inspected and approved to move on to the next step, the NCDMV will tell you the value of your vehicle and of the bond to purchase. This value is typically based on the book value of the vehicle. Most title bonds are required to be 1.5x the value of the vehicle, however, that doesn’t mean it costs that much to purchase. Most title bonds cost around $100-$150 for average-value vehicles. Your surety provider will complete the Indemnity Bond firm (MVR-92D) upon purchasing your surety bond.

Once you’ve completed the official documents, passed inspection, and obtained your title bond, submit all of your documents and any state title fees to the NCDMV office in your county. They will process your application and return to you a bonded title in your name.

After 3 years of having BONDED stamped on your vehicle title, the bonded title brand will dissipate and you will have a clean North Carolina title in your name.

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