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How to Get a Bonded Title in Arizona

The process to get a bonded title in Arizona is typically easier than in most states. A bonded title is a type of title that is obtained using a surety bond when valid ownership documents are not available. If you purchased a car without a title, the prior owner didn’t sign it over to you, or you misplaced the prior title before it could be transferred into your name, you may be able to obtain a bonded title in Arizona.

Step 1: Vehicle inspection

To begin the process of a bonded title in Arizona, first, download the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Bonded Title Application Vehicle (form 40-1001). Before proceeding with any other step of this process, you must first have your vehicle inspected by a certified inspector at an MVD field office, authorized third party, or law enforcement agency. This step inspects the printed vehicle identification number (VIN) to ensure it matches the VIN that is stamped on the inside of the vehicle. Depending on your vehicle or situation, your vehicle may be subject to additional inspection.

Step 2: Applicant affidavit

Bonded titles are a very common type of title designation. However, a bonded title is not the ideal situation according to the DMV. A bonded title is a form of title recovery, meaning something happened to that original vehicle title and ADOT wants to know what happened to it. In this section of your application, you will be required to provide an explanation of why you don’t have valid ownership documents or the prior title and why you are requesting to receive a bonded title. ADOT provides a few possible reasons for filing for a bonded title:

  • I do not have a title or the most current title
  • The title was not properly signed by the owner(s), dealer(s), or lienholder(s)
  • I built the vehicle/trailer and I do not have the receipts or documents for the essential parts

If none of those statements are applicable to your title situation, explain your scenario in the “other” section.

Step 3: Notification requirements

Whenever you’re applying for ownership without a prior title or ownership documents, the prior owner and any lienholders with security interests on the vehicle must be notified. As the applicant, it is your responsibility to contact the prior owner for valid title documentation and the lienholder for lien release if applicable. To request this information, you must submit a Motor Vehicle Record Request (form 46-4116), This form must be signed and notarized in order to be accepted by ADOT. This step is needed to ensure that there are no outstanding security interests on the vehicle that ADOT should be aware of before continuing the bonded title process. If there is a lienholder on file that cannot be contacted or a lien release is required but not returned by the lienholder, the bond process stops and becomes a judicial matter.

Step 4: Obtain a surety bond

A surety bond is a financial instrument that protects ADOT in the event that someone else has a security interest in your vehicle. A surety bond, or title bond, is obtained by a bonding company, such as The bond amount is required to be 1.5x the average value of the vehicle or trailer. 

Bonded title calculation:

Average value x 1.5 = Bond amount

Bonded title calculation example:

$5,000 x 1.5 = $7,500

When purchasing a surety bond, you are not required to pay the bond amount. Most bonds cost a fraction of the bond amount and will typically range from a one-time payment of $100-$150 for most vehicles. The average value of your vehicle can be found using the NADA value or the value from another comparable book.

Step 5: Submit the bond and apply for your vehicle title

Once you have the Bonded Title Application completed, your vehicle inspected, applicant affidavit completed, notifications sent via certified mail, and you’ve purchased your surety bond at 1.5x the average value, return with all of these documents to your local MVD to obtain a title. If you wish to also register the vehicle, your vehicle may be subject to additional emissions testing. 

If you are missing valid ownership documents and wish to obtain a title in Arizona, consider applying for a bonded title. This type of title designation is not permanent. After a few years, the bonded title designation will be removed from your title. Remember to carefully review your state’s laws and regulations regarding vehicle titles before proceeding with any method of title recovery. takes the hassle out of applying for a title for your vehicle. Our team of title experts can help prepare your paperwork for your Arizona bonded title or any other title recovery method provided.

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