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How To Export A Vehicle From The United States

Are you planning to export a vehicle from the United States? Whether it’s a car, truck, or motorcycle, you’ll want to make sure you have all of your required documents before making that move, or else you may be turned around at the border.

Required documents for US export of a vehicle

You will need your original certificate of title for your vehicle. In addition to the original certificate of title, you will also need two certified copies of the original title. If your original title document is presented to customs but cannot be found prior to export, your certified copies will serve as evidence of proper requirements.

Other documents needed for special circumstances

  • If your vehicle has a lien, you must get explicit permission from the lienholder to export the vehicle. If the lien has not been released, you must obtain a letter on the lienholder’s letterhead explaining that you are authorized to export this vehicle and that they are aware of it.
  • If you have a foreign titled vehicle, you must provide the original proof of ownership. If the original proof of ownership document is not in English, you must provide a translation of the document in English in addition to the original.
  • If the vehicle is newly manufactured, you must provide the manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO) and provide proof that there are no ownership records for the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is deemed salvage, junk, or parts-only, you must provide original or certified copies of the branded title.
  • If the vehicle does not have a title or proof of ownership, you must prove that there are no other claims to ownership and provide a bill of sale and duplicate title. Furthermore, you’ll have to prove to customs that this export is being conducted in good faith and you did not steal the vehicle.

According to the US Customs and Border Patrol, a certified copy is “a document issued by an authorized government authority that includes on it a signed statement by the authority that the copy is an authentic copy of the original.”

US vehicle export process

Once you have all of your documents complied, you must present your vehicle to US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) at least 72 hours prior to export. All required documents must be presented at this time. Make sure to contact Customs prior to export to ensure you have all applicable documents for your state and jurisdiction.

Once at Customs, a port director will provide you with the locations to present the documents and your vehicle. Customs will then analyze your documents and compare them to your vehicle to determine their validity. If determined to be valid, Customs will return your paperwork and send you on your way. Depending on your situation, there may be additional steps involved. Be sure to contact Customs prior to your inspection to ensure you are properly alerted of all required documents and processes for your export.

The US export process seems like it is simple, but Customs does not take this process lightly. If you are planning to export a vehicle, make sure that all of your documents are certified and available for Customs. Any problems in your inspection may result in delay or denial of export. takes the hassle out of applying for a title for your vehicle. Our team of title experts can help prepare your paperwork for any title method provided.

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