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How To Block A Title Transfer

Did you know that you can put a hold on your vehicle title to prevent it from being transferred without your knowledge? If you’re in a situation where your vehicle is in the hands of someone else and you are concerned about the vulnerability of your vehicle title, you can use this method to secure your asset. All states have a method to block car title transfers. But if a title is so difficult to get, why would a vehicle owner want to consider blocking a title transfer?

The vehicle title assigns the legal ownership of a vehicle and therefore is an extremely valuable document for a vehicle. To block the transfer of title, there must be a significant threat to the security of the vehicle. Here are some examples of when a vehicle owner may place a hold on their title:

  1. The vehicle has been towed and the owner is not able to get the vehicle back, contact the tow yard, locate the tow yard, or is unable to pay towing or storage fees.
  2. The vehicle is being held at a body shop and the owner is unable to get the vehicle back, contact the body shop, locate the body shop, or is unable to pay the repair fees.
  3. The vehicle is missing or stolen.
  4. The vehicle is in the care of another individual who may intend to transfer the title or improperly place a lien on the title without the owner’s consent.

Every state has a process to place a hold on a vehicle title. In California, it’s known as a Courtesy Stop Request. To file a courtesy stop request, first, you’ll want to get good legal advice and sue the person or people who are threatening your title and vehicle. After filing, you’ll complete the Courtesy Stop Request form (Reg 500) and write your motion for a preliminary injunction. Next, the complaint, motion, and all related papers must be served personally to all parties. The submission of this form automatically stops the DMV from transferring the title for 60 days. After that 60 day period, if a court date has not yet been set, the applicant can apply for an extension or remove the hold.

If you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle title, don’t wait to take the necessary steps to keep it secure. Contact your state DMV and place a hold on your title until the situation has been resolved.

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