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How To Block A Title Transfer

Did you know that you can put a hold on a vehicle title to keep it from being transferred against your wishes in California? This process, known as a courtesy stop request, is crucial for safeguarding your vehicle from unauthorized transfers.

Understanding the Courtesy Stop Request Process
In California, the courtesy stop request is facilitated through a one-page form called Reg 500. You’ll need to provide your information, including your name, address, license plate, VIN number, and vehicle details. Indicate the reasons for requesting the stop and sign the form, swearing to the truth of your statements.

Navigating Legal Procedures
In some cases, legal involvement may be necessary. If so, you may need to attach a complaint or petition for injunctive relief to the form. It’s essential to follow the correct legal procedures to ensure the effectiveness of your request.

Extension and Removal Options
You have the option to request an extension or removal of the courtesy stop if needed. While notarization isn’t required, honesty is crucial, and you must swear to the accuracy of your statements.

Submitting Your Request
Once completed, send the form to the designated address, paying attention to the instructions provided. It’s advisable to keep a copy for your records.

Important Considerations
Every state has similar procedures for protecting vehicle titles. However, legal advice is recommended, especially if there are complex issues involved. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep insurance coverage on your vehicle to protect against liability and damages.

Real-Life Scenario
A recent client’s experience highlights the importance of protecting your vehicle title. As they traveled out of town, they became concerned about the security of their vehicle and the possibility of an unauthorized title transfer. This prompted them to explore the courtesy stop request option to safeguard their ownership rights.

The courtesy stop request is a valuable tool for preventing unauthorized changes to your vehicle’s title. By following the correct procedures and seeking legal advice when necessary, you can ensure that your vehicle remains in your possession and that your ownership rights are protected.

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