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Getting a New Car Title

Assessing the situation
So, what’s the process of getting a new car title? Well, you have to look at the scenario to see which of the processes you have to go through.

Duplicate Title or Change of Ownership?
If it’s a true duplicate, meaning that you are the title owner and it was in your name, you just need to get another copy. That’s an easy process.

Steps to Obtain a New Title

  • Duplicate Title Process
    You go to DMV, bring your driver’s license, provide the VIN number, and they’ll take care of that for you.
  • Changing the Owner Name
    If you’re changing the owner’s name on the vehicle, you may need other documentation. You might have to remove a lien holder if there’s an old lien holder on the car.
  • Required Documentation
    Look first at what documents you have. Do you have a bill of sale? A receipt? Any other documentation showing the vehicle’s transfer to you?
  • Contacting the Prior Owner
    You may have to locate the prior owner to get some of these things signed, which may be part of the process of getting a new title.

Assessing purchase details

  • Dealer vs. private seller
    If you bought the car recently, you want to take a look to see if you bought it from a dealer or private seller.
  • Verification Process
    Even though somebody may have seemed like a dealer, sometimes there are people who sell cars out of the blue that aren’t really legitimate licensed dealers. They’re just individuals who flip cars from the driveway or from some car lot somewhere.
  • Paper Trail Examination
    Check to see if it was a dealer or a private seller, and if so, what’s the paper trail? What’s the chain of title that you have for putting the car in your name?

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