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Florida Duplicate Title: Instructions & Application

If your vehicle was last titled in Florida and the certificate of title is lost, damaged, or stolen, you may be eligible to get a Florida duplicate title. This article will explain how to apply for a duplicate title in Florida, provide a link to download the official application form, and include information about fees and state requirements.

Eligibility for a Florida duplicate title

If your vehicle was last titled in Florida and you were the last recorded owner on the title record, you are eligible to apply for a Florida duplicate title. To obtain a title for a vehicle where you were not the last titled owner, consider an alternative method of title recovery.

Type of Florida duplicate title application

When applying for a Florida duplicate title, there are three types of duplicate titles that can be requested:

  1. Vehicle/vessel duplicate
  2. Vehicle/vessel lost in transit
  3. Vehicle/vessel duplicate with transfer

Vehicle/vessel duplicate

This application is designated for lost, stolen, or damaged titles. If damaged, the original damaged certificate of title must be submitted. If lost or stolen, an indication of this is required.

Vehicle/vessel lost in transit

This application is designated for titles that have been lost in mailing. No fee will be required if the application is made within 180 days of the last title issuance date.

Vehicle/vessel duplicate with transfer

This application is designated for titles that will be immediately transferred to another owner upon issuance. Both parties must be present for this application and photo IDs are required.

How to get a Florida duplicate title

Step 1: Complete the Application for Duplicate or Lost in Transit/Reassignment for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, or Vessel Title Certificate (HSMV 82101). Complete this form in its entirety, falsification or misrepresentation of facts is considered a crime.

Download Florida Duplicate Title Application (HSMV 82101)

Step 2: Gather the necessary documents and fees:

  • Completed form HSMV 82101
  • Proof of identification (Copy of driver’s license, state-issued ID, etc.)
  • Proof of lien satisfaction (if applicable)
  • Fees for tax and title

Fees for tax and title

Florida duplicate titles are issued electronically unless otherwise specified. The duplicate title issuance fee is $75.25. If you’d prefer your title printed rather than delivered electronically, there is an additional $2.50 printing fee.

Step 3: Locate the closest county tax collector’s office to your location. Florida duplicate title applications can be mailed or brought to the county tax collector’s office in person. Submit the documents and fees from Step 2 to the county tax collector. Within 5 days of submission, a duplicate title will be issued and mailed to you. Original titles located after the duplicate has been issued will void the original title. 

A Florida duplicate title is a great option to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged title. The vehicle title is the most significant document for your vehicle, and it’s important to have a current and valid vehicle title at all times. If it’s your car, you deserve a title in your name.

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