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So if you are in the state of Florida and you have a vehicle that has a title problem what do you do? Fortunately for you in the State of Florida you have two very specific processes that are provided for you by the Florida DMV and/or your local County to be able to get a title for a vehicle—a legal title certificate—without having the old title, which is very, very crucial.

Importance of a Title
Many times people buy cars on Craigslist or Facebook or auctions and they don’t get a title. And you go to DMV and you say hey I want to get a title for my car and they basically tell you you can’t get one without the old title. Now remember, a title is a legal government document issued only by a government agency.

Title Acquisition Options
What happens if you don’t have the right paperwork? Well, fortunately, Florida provides you with two different options. One is what’s called a shity bond title and you can see on the screen right now that’s what this process is.

Shity Bond Title Process
It’s a system where you sign some affidavits, you swear that you bought the vehicle fair and square, you have to purchase a shity bond from a Bonding Company. It’s normally going to cost you about 100 bucks for a shity bond. If you want to get an exact quote you can go to a website called prob You can select what state, you can select vehicle title shity or vehicle title in the search box and it’ll tell you how much your bond is going to cost.

Bonded Title Considerations
Once you get that, you submit it to the DMV and they issue a title. Now that title’s going to say bonded on it which may or may not be an issue for you if you’re looking to sell it, if you’re looking to trade it in, if you’re looking to finance it. A bonded title also in Florida they do not process bonded titles unless the last title was from Florida. So if you bought a car from Georgia or New York or somewhere else you cannot do a bonded title plus there are year limitations, can’t be too old, can’t be too new so double check all that before you start the Florida bonded process.

Declaratory Judgment Process
What if you can’t do the bonded process or if you don’t want to do the bonded process you have another option in Florida, you can also do what’s called a declaratory judgment and what that entails is you file a petition looks like this in the county court where you reside that says this is an action requesting a declaratory judgment involving the acquisition of a clear title for and then you put in your information.

Legal Procedures and Considerations
It’s a process of filling out some documents every county has a different set of forms this one has happens to be for Palm Beach you have to do an inspection of the VIN number you have to do the complaint for the declaratory judgment and as you can see there’s some Steps step one step two step three and the core is also going to require that you go through this process diligent search for the owner bill of sale you have to pay sales tax you would normally have to do that anyway but at least it gives you a way to get a title without doing this or the bonded you’re not going to have a title bill a sale by itself does not get you a title also don’t fall for any of these fake mechanics leans or out ofate loopholes they’re all going to get um enforced by the state if you try to pull any of these back door fast ones the state is going to shut you down they already uh the State of Florida already did shut down the Vermont loophole that existed for a while as did all the other states so you want to do it the right way these are the ways that the government provides for you to get a title when you don’t have the right paperwork it’s not that hard of a process it’ll probably only take you a couple hours of filling out forms.

Additional Assistance
We have a title service if you want assistance with doing that you can check out our website also we have consultation so if you’re not sure if you want to do it yourself or you want to get some advice you can actually talk live oneon-one with a certified title agent you’ll see a link on our website for that you can even ask um personal private questions uh oneon-one conversation questions they can be answered by email answered by video recording or be answered live on a video call.

Conclusion and Confidence
Getting a title is a little bit tricky only because you’re dealing with a government bureaucracy it’s not like dealing with a company that’s trying to help you out and because there’s only one company that does it the Department of Motor Vehicles one agency that does it I should say you can’t go to somebody else if you don’t like the way they do business if you go to the DMV in Florida and want to get a title and it’s too hard you can’t say I’m going to shop around and go to your competitor there are no competitors for the DMV they are the only game in town so you can get some help with that but at the end of the day the title’s going to come from that government agency so you have a couple options you could do the bonded process you could do the declaratory judgment process it’s not as hard as it seems when you hear declaratory judgment in court you might be thinking Jack McCoy Law and Order big court case that’s not what it is it’s an administrative process either way as long as you have a legitimate vehicle it’s not stolen not a salvage not a parts car not a car with a bunch of leans on it you can get a title for it you probably have to jump through a few Hoops you can get help with that if you want but be confident that if you have a legitimate vehicle there’s a way for you to get a title and be able to drive that car or sell it or whatever you’re going to do with it if you have questions reach us on our website

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