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First Step to Getting Electronic Car Titles

Introduction to Electronic Titles and Signatures
Well, here’s the first batch of good news from the long process of getting electronic titles and even electronic signatures. Our Coalition of title professionals, called ESTART, had one of their first submissions to a government agency, and this is for the state of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Registry Initiative
Their registry is considering putting electronic titles and signatures on documents. This first submission from the Coalition included titles from Desa Auto Auctions, Carvana, and other automotive industries. This is support for electronic signature and titling enhancements in Massachusetts.

Collaboration with RMV
This effort is done through their RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) and aims to offer vehicles for sale while awaiting a certificate of title and permit authorization to facilitate additional electronic transfers.

Progress in Other States
We have some other initiatives in the works in the state of New York, including electronic liens. Follow along on this channel for updates on the progress of getting to electronic titles and getting rid of the paper bureaucracy.

Benefits of Electronic Titles
Titles getting lost, signatures getting whited out—all these difficulties make titles more bureaucratic. This is the biggest reason many clients have to deal with title problems.

Follow along for updates. It may take a year or two to get some of this through the works, but we’re working very hard to make titling easy for you as a consumer, dealership, auction, or lender. This way, you don’t have to face going to the DMV, dealing with paperwork, or dealing with forms. It can all be done electronically, without the hassle of fighting through all kinds of runaround from your Department of Motor Vehicles.

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