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Filing For A Duplicate Car Title

Was your car title lost or stolen? If so, you may need to obtain a duplicate title to prove ownership of your vehicle. A duplicate title is a document that’s needed when the original title is lost, stolen, damaged, or mutilated. It’s imperative that your vehicle is titled in your name because if your name isn’t on the vehicle title, you don’t own it.

Applying for a duplicate or replacement title

The first step to applying for a duplicate title is determining who was that last titled owner. If it’s your name, you can apply for a duplicate title. If your name was not on the original vehicle title, you will not be able to obtain a duplicate title.

Each of the 50 states will have its own set of fees for duplicate title processes. If you are applying by mail, it’s important to check your state fees prior to submitting your paperwork. Most state DMVs accept checks and money orders, but do not mail cash. Many states offer this process for a very small fee, for example, in Minnesota the duplicate title fee is  $7.25, while in Texas the duplicate title fee is a mere $2.00. 

Once you’ve located your DMV and have your funds, you can prepare your application for a duplicate or replacement title. Many states, such as Colorado, require that your duplicate or replacement title application be notarized prior to submission, be sure to check with your state regulations prior to submitting your application. 

If you’ve recently moved to a new state and need to get a duplicate title, you will need to apply for a duplicate title in the state where the vehicle was last titled. For example, if your vehicle was last titled in Florida but you now live in Georgia, you cannot get a duplicate title from the Georgia DMV. Similarly, if your vehicle title shows a lien, you will first need to get your lien released before you are able to apply for a title.

If you’re the legal owner of a vehicle and simply need to get your lost title replaced, the duplicate title process is likely for you. Be sure to check your state’s fees and document requirements prior to submitting your application to get a title. Click here for more information on this title process and how can professionally prepare your title documents.

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