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What state will the title be issued from?

Our title processing will process the title application using the process you request, first from the state where your address appears. In some cases, the ownership documents may be issued from another state based on the history of the vehicle or process you select, but they will be issued in your name. We will provide application documents to request transfer to your state.

How long until my order is complete?

Your order will be complete within 48 hours (business days). Your prepared title documents will be sent to you by USPS Priority mail with tracking for your signature.

How do I calculate the sales tax?

We calculate that for client files. Sales tax is calculated using the requirements of the DMV statutes. It is based on which book values are allowable for the particular vehicle. It is not based on your purchase price, (unless that is more than book value). Our operations department consults the various book values allowed by the licensing division and selects the lowest one that appears to be allowable.

Can I drive on the Vermont plates?

No. The Vermont plates are a valid registration, but your home state likely requires that you have your vehicle registered to your local address and have actual registration and plates from your residency.

Do you mail me a title?

A vehicle title is a legal document issued only by a government agency. You can not buy a title from a company, or download one from the internet. The proper applications must be prepared, signed, and submitted to the licensing bureau (DMV) for a legitimate eligible vehicle, who then issues ownership papers or titles. We provide document preparation for the forms for you to sign and mail to the DMV. The title comes directly from the title bureau after processing.

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