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EVs Are Taking Over New Car Sales

Electric vehicles (EVs) are coming on strong. New data from the automotive industry shows that 10 percent of new vehicles sold in 2022 were EVs. It’s a big deal, reaching a critical mass in the market.

Implications for Everyone
What does this mean for you, even if you don’t own an electric vehicle? It’s going to change some of the automotive driving experiences and resources in the marketplace.

Changing Infrastructure
For example, you might see more charging stations at gas stations. Shell Oil’s acquisition of an EV charging company for $169 million signals this shift. They may start installing charging stations at their gas stations.

Preparation for the Future
One proactive step you can take is to install a charger in your garage, even if you don’t have an electric vehicle yet. The cost of adding an EV charging circuit is primarily labor, which can be minimized if you already have an electrician working on another project.

Cost Considerations
The hardware required for a charging port is relatively inexpensive. With all the parts ready, installation becomes more manageable. Planning ahead can save you money in the long run, especially considering the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles.

Future-Proofing Your Home
At some point, you’ll likely need an EV charger. Whether you eventually purchase an electric vehicle or sell your home to someone who will, having the infrastructure in place can be advantageous.

Adapting to EV Trends
Start considering your usage and trips to identify charging stations and assess your driving needs. As electric vehicles become more widespread, understanding how they’ll impact your lifestyle can inform decisions about where to live, what activities to engage in, and even employment choices.

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