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Duplicate Title Instructions

Getting a duplicate title for your vehicle is simpler than you might think. This process is designed for situations where you’ve lost the original title but still own the vehicle. Here’s how it works.

Gathering the necessary documents
The first step in obtaining a duplicate title is to gather all the required documents. You’ll need to collect your ID, the registration for the vehicle, and any lien releases if there was a loan on the car, even if it’s been paid off.

Visiting the DMV
Once you have your documents in order, head to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Department of Transportation office in the state where the original title was issued. If you’ve moved since the title was issued or if it came from another state, you’ll need to apply in that state specifically.

The Application Process
Applying for a duplicate title is inexpensive, typically costing between five and ten dollars. Present your documents to the DMV, and they will issue you a brand new title in the same format as the original. This process is straightforward and does not involve any changes to the information in the title.

Handling the paperwork
Depending on the state and circumstances, the DMV may process your request by mail if the paperwork is notarized. They take precautions to verify your identity to prevent fraud, ensuring that only the rightful owner can obtain a duplicate title.

Important Considerations
It’s crucial to note that only the legal title owner can request a duplicate title. If there are multiple owners listed on the title, both parties must sign the paperwork. Additionally, any existing liens on the vehicle must be cleared before a duplicate title can be issued.

Obtaining a duplicate title is one of the simplest scenarios for title replacement. As long as you are the legal owner listed on the original title and any liens have been cleared, you can easily get a new title printed with the same information as the old one.

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