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Do You Really Need VT-010 VIN Verification Form For Vermont Title?

So if you’re watching this video it’s probably because you’re trying to fill out this VT-010 VIN Verification form for the Vermont registration loophole, and you’re wondering, how do I do it? How do I fill it out? Well, if you receive the package from us you already have the instructions for doing this. 

If you’re doing this yourself, the first thing you need to do is to determine if you actually need this form. Many application packages do not need this form even though it seems like you do. If you filled out the VD-119 form correctly and you have the right kind of vehicle, you don’t need this form. So the first thing you want to do is find out if you actually need this form. And if you do, here are some instructions on how to do it.

First of all, only section one is to be filled in by you, the applicant. Name, address, email, make, model of the vehicle, and so on. If you notice there’s no place for the VIN on the section that you fill in that’s on purpose. The VIN verification form has to be completed by authorized personnel. Now, who is considered to be authorized personnel? Well if you notice on the instructions, it has to be a sworn law enforcement agent. That means any police officer, sheriff state patrol, anybody basically with a gun and a badge. If they worked for the DMV they can do it but they have to be a sworn officer in your state. So you may call up your local DMV or your local police department and they might say no we don’t do it for out-of-state. They don’t really understand that this doesn’t have to be any particular in-state form. All they have to do is be a sworn officer who says “I looked at this vehicle I ran the van for stolen, and I verified that the VIN and the paperwork match” That’s all they have to say. There’s nothing specific about this. Many law enforcement agencies are under the impression that they have to be certified to do this. It can be anyone with a badge or a gun.

But remember you may not need this, and you may not have to go through this hassle. The police officer that does this has to look at the vehicle. So if your vehicle is not running. You have to bring it to them. Many times, they don’t want to be driving around just to inspect the VIN number on your vehicle. Police departments in this day and age are understaffed. They’re not even coming to some calls for burglary anymore because they have to only focus on higher-priority crimes. So if you’re asking them just to sign a VIN form for another state, they might just blow you off, if you ask them to come to your house. If you bring the vehicle to them, a lot of times it’s a lot easier to do, although it might be inconvenient, you’re asking them to do you a favor. So that’s the most important part. 

Before you go through the hassle make sure that you look at our other videos about whether or not you need this VIN verification. You probably don’t need it if you’ve done the paperwork correctly and you have the right type of vehicle. But if you do need it, then go ahead and have an agent that’s authorized to do it sign the form and fill in the VIN verification.

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