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DMV Transition From Metal To Digital License Plates

A new development in automotive registration in California has paved the way for digital license plates for all vehicles.

What does a digital license plate mean? Well, you normally expect to see a license plate being a piece of metal that’s stamped and painted and put on your car. That metal plate is provided by the government agency in the state, which issues registrations normally called the department of motor vehicles or department of transportation. Well, California is now allowing for digital plates. It’s kind of like an E-reader. It’s got that E ink on it as you’d read like a tablet. It’s protected by a piece of glass that’s really strong and resists chips or breakage. It can be programmed with an app, so you can change the plate number on your vehicle. 

Now originally this is designed for corporate fleets, so if you have a registration and you’re changing it from one state to another. But it also allows for different types of tracking of the vehicle. It can also be changed if the vehicle is reported stolen or if it has some type of violation against it, that may show up on the screen.

So what are your thoughts on the privacy implications of having a digital license plate? Would you put a digital license plate on your car? Some other states are also looking at this technology and the big proponent of this or the big reason for doing it is the play can display information other than a car’s license plate number. Meaning that you can put notifications about that vehicle or notifications about the cargo, maybe if it’s a commercial vehicle, or notifications about the driver if it’s in a fleet. So what are your thoughts on this and is this something that you think is going to be good in the long run or is it going to create more difficulties for registration and titling of a motor vehicle?

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