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Court-Ordered Titles: How To Get A Title For Your Car Without The Old Title

So what are the realities of getting a vehicle title when you don’t have the old title? We’ve talked many times before about how to get a car title when you don’t have the proper documents. There are many ways to do it. 

First, don’t let anybody talk you into the fact that you have to pay somebody to do this. Any method of getting a title, that’s possible, you can do yourself for free. Now, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay somebody to assist you or for convenience, but don’t let anybody tell you that you have to pay because only they can do it or you can’t do it yourself. All of the methods for getting a title are open source, they’re public. You can do it on your own. In fact, all the instructions for all these methods are online. Our website has instructions on how to do it and there are YouTube videos that’ll walk you through it. So you don’t have to pay anybody. Now, if you want to pay somebody like you’d pay anybody to do a service for you, you can do that. But here’s the thing make sure that you know the method that’s best for you. A lot of times people will try to use some loophole or abandoned vehicle or mechanics lien when those will come back to bite them and they don’t always work. 

There’s only one method for a title that always works and that’s a court-ordered title. That’s where you go right over the head of the DMV or the bureau or whatever it is in your state that issues titles. They have somebody that is the boss of them. And if you were getting the run-around from the DMV, then go over their head, bypass them, and go right to the court system. A lot of people are afraid to do a court order title or a deal with the court because they think it’s a lot of headaches. Well, think about it, how much worse could it be than dealing with the DMV? How long have you been dealing with the DMV dragging you around going back and forth giving you the runaround? It’s no worse than that. 

In fact, the court is more efficient because they do these all the time. The DMV does not deal with problems on a regular basis. They normally deal with somebody who walks in with the right paperwork everything’s completed, everything’s correct, and they handle it. When it’s a problem for the DMV that’s an outlier. That’s not something they’re used to dealing with. It’s not even something they want to deal with. On the other hand, a court is an agency that deals with problems all the time. In fact, everything that comes to the court is a problem. So they know how to deal with this and they can tell the DMV what to do. The court’s order forces the DMV to do exactly what it says on that paper. So if you want a court order to tell the DMV to give you a title, that’s what they have to do. 

So don’t be afraid to use that process. There are other processes that are also very good, like a bonded title. There are eight states that don’t do it, so make sure you’re in a bonded state. But it’s a great way to get a title. You can also try to contact the prior owner. That’s a good way but sometimes that takes too long. Don’t try to get fancy with things like mechanics lien, abandoned vehicles, or loopholes because they don’t always work, 30-40 % of the time those titles don’t even work, and they get rejected. You’re not going to find out until you try. You might be out a lot of money and a lot of time, just to find out that what you’re trying to do isn’t going to work. You go to court and do a court order title, whatever that court signs off on your paperwork, the DMV has to do it. They can’t reject it. So check out the link below for court-ordered titles, and check out our website for more factors and options for getting a title. Let us know what your questions are about getting a title in the comments.

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