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Car Titles Q&A – Liens, abandoned, inspections

Welcome to another episode of Car Titles, where we unravel the mysteries surrounding vehicle titles and address common questions and challenges raised by our customers. Today, we’ll delve into a series of real customer messages, exploring how these scenarios might resonate with your own experiences. Let’s dive in!

1. Lien Labyrinth in Illinois: Unraveling the Threads of History

Our first inquiry hails from Illinois, featuring a classic tale of an old truck with a complicated history. The buyer, navigating through a web of transactions involving an old lady, a barn, and multiple bank buyouts, finds themselves stuck with a lingering lien issue. The state of Illinois demands a lien release for a bonded title, posing a significant hurdle.

Solution: Lean on the Lien Release

In such cases, reaching out to the current bank in writing to request a lien release is the initial step. Craft a lien release document, fill it out, but refrain from signing it. Send it to the bank with a return envelope. If successful, you’ll have the lien released. If not, consider a court-ordered title as plan B.

2. Vermont Loophole Dilemma in California: Navigating Smog Regulations

Our second scenario unfolds in California, where an individual holds a title but seeks to register the vehicle out of state, specifically utilizing the “Vermont loophole” to avoid stringent smog inspections. However, this tactic is not designed to sidestep emissions regulations.

Reality Check: Vermont Loophole Limitations

The Vermont loophole is intended to provide documentation in the absence of a title, not to evade state-specific requirements. Using Vermont registration to dodge smog inspections won’t hold up. States are aware of this loophole, and attempting to use it for such purposes may lead to legal consequences.

3. Lost Title Troubles in Missouri: Duplicate or Bonded?

Our third case arises from Missouri, where an individual purchased a vehicle, lost the title before transferring it, and now contemplates obtaining a duplicate title. However, the term “duplicate title” has specific connotations in DMV procedures.

Solution: Pursue a Bonded Title

If the original title is lost, the current owner can apply for a duplicate title. However, if you’re the buyer without the original title, explore the possibility of a bonded title. Submitting affidavits, forms, and a surety bond to the DMV can lead to the issuance of a bonded title.

4. Abandoned Vehicle Ambiguity: A Common Misconception

Our final query comes from a person named Sally (or Sully), who found a vehicle dropped off in their yard without a title. They wish to file for an abandoned vehicle title, assuming it’s a straightforward way to claim ownership.

Clarification: Abandoned ≠ Ownership

Contrary to popular belief, designating a vehicle as abandoned doesn’t grant ownership rights. In most states, an abandoned vehicle is relinquished to the state, which then auctions it off. Given that the vehicle was given, not abandoned, exploring other avenues for title acquisition is advisable.

Keep the Questions Coming!

These scenarios offer a glimpse into the diverse challenges individuals face when navigating the realm of car titles. If you have your own title-related questions or dilemmas, feel free to call our hotline or email our help desk at [email protected]. We’re here to assist you on your journey through the intricacies of car titles.

Stay Tuned for More Insights and Solutions!

As we continue to address real-world title challenges, stay tuned for more videos offering insights and solutions to empower you in your car ownership endeavors. Remember, your questions drive our discussions, and we’re here to guide you through the twists and turns of the car title landscape.

Happy Driving and Title Troubleshooting!

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