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Car Title Scams to Avoid

Beware of Car Title Scams
How do you avoid car title scams that might affect the legal title to your car or even losing money? This is Dave at Consumers Title Org. There are thousands of people who have vehicles that they’ve acquired legally that you bought maybe on Craigslist, but you don’t have one of these. You don’t have a legal government-issued title, and there are companies out there that will charge you money claiming to get one.

DIY Methods for Obtaining Titles
Remember every single method to get a title for a vehicle, you can do yourself. You don’t have to pay somebody to do. There are legal government documents you can fill out, there’s processes you can use, but there are scams out there that charge you money to do it. There’s been dozens of companies and then put out a business. There was AI TS, there was Broadway, a bunch of other companies, and were shut down. There was lien solutions out of Indianapolis, were shut down by the US Secret Service.

Avoid Mechanic’s Liens Misuse
These are companies that will take your money to do something that you could do if it could be done legally. You can do it yourself, and they’ll either not do it or though using a legal method to do it. Things like mechanic’s liens, mechanic’s liens is a process that allows a licensed body shop or garage to get a title for them to sell off a car that somebody abandoned on their lot. It’s not designed to get a title for a specific person. They have to auction it off and go through a process, but some companies use mechanic’s liens to get people titles who already have the car.

Risks of Registration Title
Sometimes it’s required you have to transfer your car to this company and then they put in their name and then transfer it back to you. There’s other companies that use a registration title meaning that they don’t actually get you a title, they get you a registration for the car that then you have to go transfer into a title if your state allows it. Remember these companies may be fly-by-night. Make sure they have an address, make sure they have a license.

Verify Legitimacy
These types of legal government services require licensing in almost every state. Get their license number right. Remember they have your personal information, they have your driver’s license, they have your credit card information, they have your VIN number of your car, sometimes even get a power of attorney from you to authorize them to sign documents on your behalf. Make sure they’re not fly-by-night.

Avoid Fake Titles
In some cases, there have been issues of a fake title being printed where these companies will create a title that’s not real. It’s just a printed up fake version that gets caught by the DMV. So avoid these scams. In most cases, you can do these things yourself. You don’t need a title agent to do it. You can do it yourself. If you have questions about how to do these things, go to our website Consumers Title Org, ask a question, and we can walk you through the process for your specific scenario.

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