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Car Title Recovery Bonded Title Scenario # 3

What is a bonded title?
In scenario three, where you’ve purchased a vehicle with limited documentation and it’s newer than 15 years old, one common option is a bonded title. This involves purchasing a bond from a bonding company, similar to those that issue bonds for legal matters.

The Process of Obtaining a Bonded Title
When you lack proper documentation, such as the old title or a signed legal document from the prior owner, a bill of sale won’t suffice. Instead, the bonding company issues a vehicle bond, essentially guaranteeing ownership.

Exchanging the Bond for a Title
With the bond in hand, you can visit the DMV or equivalent office in your state to exchange it for a title in your name. However, there’s a catch.

Considerations and Costs
While the bond may cost around $100 to $120, the bonding company must ensure the vehicle’s full value. This means they scrutinize the situation to minimize their risk. Additionally, some states may stamp the title as “bonded” for several years, indicating the bond’s protection.

State Regulations and Limitations
It’s crucial to research whether your state recognizes bonded titles. Some states may not, potentially complicating matters if you move. Therefore, thoroughly investigate this option before proceeding.

Doing It Yourself
Fortunately, you can navigate this process independently. You purchase the bond, typically for $100 to $120, and the bonding company may even assist with paperwork. This DIY approach can save money compared to hiring a third party.

As a last resort for vehicles with insufficient documentation, a bonded title can provide a solution. It’s a straightforward process that ensures you can obtain a title in your name, albeit with certain considerations and costs.

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