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Car Title Fraud – Do’s & Don’ts For Getting A Title

The Dangers of Title Fraud and Why You Should Be Cautious

  • An Illegal Title Scheme Unveiled
    A towing company engaged in a title fraud scheme that spanned from 2020 to 2023, involving false affidavits for abandoned vehicles or mechanics’ liens. The perpetrators filed these fake documents to bypass legal processes like bonded titles or court-ordered titles, thinking it was an easier route.
  • The Modus Operandi
    The scheme involved the towing company forging documents and providing them to a third party, allowing the sale of vehicles with fraudulent titles. This often masquerades as a service where individuals are persuaded to sign their vehicle over to the company. The fake mechanics’ liens or abandoned vehicle claims are then filed to obtain the title, only to be transferred back to the original owner.
  • The Risk and Consequences
    The fraudulent bill of sale falsely claimed the vehicles were in the possession of the towing company, leading to two individuals being arrested. Not only did this put the perpetrators in jail, but it also posed risks for those unknowingly involved. Titles obtained through such illegal means may later be revoked, leaving the unsuspecting individuals in legal trouble.
  • The Common Pitfalls
    Many fall prey to these schemes, thinking it’s an easier way to obtain a title without navigating the legal procedures. However, signing a vehicle over to a third party can have severe consequences. If the intermediary gets involved in any fraudulent activity, the vehicle could be implicated, jeopardizing the owner’s possession.

DIY Legal Methods vs. Illicit Services
Legal methods for obtaining a title exist, and individuals can often handle the process themselves without paying anyone. While services are available to assist, blindly entrusting someone to handle the title acquisition can lead to unforeseen consequences. Understanding the process and ensuring it aligns with legal standards is crucial.

Historical Precedents and Ongoing Risks
Title fraud is not a new phenomenon, and similar schemes have been uncovered over the decades. Companies in various states have faced legal consequences for engaging in illegal title practices. Staying informed about historical cases serves as a warning to individuals seeking title services.

Seeking Legitimate Solutions
If faced with title problems, it is essential to ensure that the chosen method is legitimate and complies with legal requirements. Reaching out to reputable services or agencies that specialize in titles can provide guidance and help avoid falling into sketchy or gray areas.

A Call for Caution and Vigilance
In conclusion, the recent towing company scheme is a reminder of the risks associated with title fraud. Vehicle owners must exercise caution, understand the methods used to obtain their titles, and avoid shortcuts that may lead to legal troubles. Being vigilant in the title acquisition process can prevent potential complications in the future.

Consultation and Assistance
For those with questions or concerns about their vehicle titles, seeking professional consultation is advisable. Services like offer assistance, ensuring individuals navigate the title acquisition process legally and securely.

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