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Can You Get a New Jersey Bonded Title? Improper Evidence of Ownership Procedure

The state of New Jersey poses a unique approach to bonded titles, creating some confusion among vehicle owners. Unlike most states, New Jersey’s process, termed the “improper evidence of ownership procedure,” does not mandate the purchase of a bond. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the New Jersey bonded title process, shedding light on the steps involved and the alternatives, such as the court-ordered title.

Understanding the New Jersey Process
When obtaining a title in New Jersey without proper evidence of ownership, the state requires adherence to a specific procedure. It’s essential to note that New Jersey stands apart from other states where a bonded title process involves acquiring a bond certificate from a bonding agent, often at a significant cost. In New Jersey, it is referred to as the improper evidence of ownership procedure, which, although distinct, involves additional steps.

The 12-Step Procedure
To initiate the New Jersey bonded title process, a comprehensive 12-step procedure must be followed. The procedure, outlined by the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), begins with a proof of ownership lean search application. This involves submitting $15 to the DMV for a printout detailing any lean, stolen status, or salvage information. Importantly, this step must be completed before proceeding further.

Completing the necessary forms
Once the title search information is received, the process continues with the completion of the essential forms. The emergency application for a vehicle title (form SS150) is to be fully completed and notarized. Simultaneously, an advertisement must be placed in a local newspaper, signaling an intent to obtain a title for the vehicle. This step is accompanied by reaching out to the local police department to ensure there are no issues with the vehicle’s status.

Communication and documentation
Further steps involve filing an SS45, a notice of intent to obtain a title, to be sent to the last owner and lean holder. Additionally, a bill of sale, photographs of the VIN and the vehicle, and three letters from individuals affirming the vehicle’s possession are required. These meticulous steps are essential for proving ownership.

Title Application and Finalization
The final steps include completing a regular title application (SS7), submitting a $60 check for the title fee, and paying 7% sales tax. A signed SS94, affirming personal use only and not for resale, is also mandatory. With these components in place, the New Jersey bonded title process is on its way to completion.

Forms and documentation details
A crucial aspect of the process involves understanding and correctly filling out various forms. From the title search lean request to the buyer’s declaration emergency application, notice of intent to obtain title, and the regular title application, each form plays a role in establishing ownership.

While the New Jersey bonded title process may seem intricate, understanding the steps involved empowers vehicle owners to make informed decisions. Whether navigating the process independently or utilizing a title service, individuals should also consider the court-order title process, which offers a simpler alternative with fewer steps. Ultimately, for New Jersey residents facing title challenges, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the bonded title process and available options.

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