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CA Statement of Facts REG 256: Step-by-Step Instructions & PDF Download

The Statement of Facts REG 256 form is a document used by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) to collect additional information about a vehicle or driver-related issue. REG 256 is used for various purposes, such as correcting vehicle or driver record errors, registering a vehicle with missing information, or applying for a driver’s license with unique circumstances. It is intended to provide the DMV with all of the necessary information to decide on a particular transaction or situation. 

This article explains the REG 256 form and provides a step-by-step guide on completing it, along with a link to download your own PDF copy.

How to complete the Statement of Facts REG 256 form

Completing the Statement of Facts REG 256 form may seem daunting at first glance, but it is a straightforward process if you follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Download Form REG 256

First, obtain a copy of REG 256 from the California DMV website, in person at the DMV, or download one HERE for free. This form is two pages long and can be typed or handwritten neatly. REG 256 does not need to be notarized under normal circumstances.

Step 2: Provide Vehicle Information

At the top of each page, include the following information about your vehicle:

  • The license plate or permanent registration number (CF number)
  • The vehicle/vessel identification number (VIN/HIN)
  • Year/make

Ensure this information is accurate and include this information on both pages; otherwise, one page will be considered incomplete and invalid.

Step 3: Select Your Reason for REG 256

Depending on your use case of REG 256, you may not need to complete all of the sections. Here are the use cases for REG 256:

Section A. Statement for Tax Exemption

If your reason for completing REG 256 is for tax exemption purposes, select your reason for tax exemption. Be sure to include your vehicle’s current market value. Note that tax exemption between family members does not apply if the owner that sold the vehicle is engaged in the business of selling the same type of vehicle or vessel.

Section B. Statement for Smog Exemption

If your vehicle is exempt from a smog inspection, complete section B to notify the DMV when a smog certificate was last issued and why this particular vehicle is exempt from the otherwise mandatory inspection.

Section C. Statement for Transfer Only or Title Only

Is the vehicle not currently registered? If the vehicle is not abandoned but not registered and does not have registration fees due, make a section to receive a title or transfer only. Keep in mind that appropriate registration must be obtained before the vehicle can be operated.

Section D. Window Decal for Wheelchair Lift or Wheelchair Carrier

If you’re completing REG 256 to obtain a window decal for a wheelchair lift or carrier, fill in this section. You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Disabled Person License Plate, Disabled Veteran License Plate, or Permanent Disabled Person Parking Placard
  • License plate (to which the window decal will be affixed)
  • Vehicle make (to which the window decal will be affixed)
  • Vehicle identification number (to which the window decal will be affixed)
  • Your mailing address

Upon receipt and review, the California DMV will mail your window decal to the address provided on this form.

Section E. Statement for Vehicle Body Change (Ownership Certificate Required)

If you’ve changed your vehicle’s body, you must record the changes in this section. First, provide the current market value of your vehicle. Record the amount of money spent on changes made to the body and the date these changes occurred. Then, check off all of the body changes that apply to your vehicle. This section requires you to provide the title to your vehicle as proof of ownership. 

Note: If you’re changing anything about your vehicle’s body, make sure to keep all the receipts! The DMV may request these receipts later to ensure the changes were made with legitimate parts. 

Section F. Name Statement (Ownership Certificate Required)

Was your name misspelled on your car title? Did you change your name since the title was last issued? If so, complete the line that applies to you in section F to update your name in the DMV records. This section requires you to provide the title to your vehicle as proof of ownership. 

Step 4: Section G. Statement of Facts

After completing the section that applies to your situation above, provide a statement of facts to the DMV, telling them about your situation, why you’re completing this form, and what you need the DMV to do. Essentially, this is your chance to give the DMV any additional details they may need to know when reviewing your form REG 256.

Step 5: Section H. Applicant’s Signature

Before signing, check over your REG 256 for accuracy and completeness. If you find an error in your document, do not attempt to fix it with whiteout or by writing over it. Any errors or stray marks on the page will invalidate the application. If you’ve made an error, you must complete the form again. Once you’ve confirmed all the information is correct, write your full name, phone number, and then sign and date below.

Step 6: Submit the completed form

If you complete this information at the DMV, simply return the form to the DMV agent. If you are completing this form electronically, download and print the form to go along with the other required documents for your situation. 

The Statement of Facts REG 256 form is an essential document that helps the California DMV collect additional information about a vehicle or driver-related issue. Completing the form is straightforward if you follow the step-by-step instructions in this article. Looking for a PDF copy of REG 256? Download one using the link below!

Download REG 256 Statement of Facts:×289.pngDownload REG 256

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