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Bonded Title for Lost Vehicle Paperwork

What is a bonded title?
A bonded title is a process where, if you don’t have sufficient information and documents to give to the DMV and you want them to take your word for it that you’re the owner, you might need to get a bonding company to issue you a policy.

How does it work?
The bonding company backs up your word, meaning that if there’s anything wrong with the title and someone comes up later claiming ownership, the bonding company will pay off any claims.

Verification Process
However, the bonding company doesn’t do this automatically. They verify your story and all the information you have to ensure they’re not on the hook for thousands of dollars for a vehicle that someone else may claim.

Qualifications and Fees
The car has to qualify for this bond and title. There are fees involved, including the bonding company fee and the policy itself, which is like an insurance policy you have to buy. Additionally, it’s state-specific, and not every state allows bonded titles.

State-specific considerations
Even within states that allow it, there can be complications. If you get a bonded title from one state and then bring it to another state that doesn’t recognize it, it may be void. Hence, be aware that bonded titles are state-specific.

DIY Option
One thing to note is that obtaining a bonded title can be a DIY process. You don’t have to pay any third party to do this. You only need to pay the bond fee and the DMV fees to get the duplicate title.

Last Resort Method
A bonded title can be a method of last resort if all other avenues have been exhausted and you can’t reach the prior owner. It’s something you might consider when you’ve tried everything else and need a solution to establish ownership.

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