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Best Free Lost Car Title Process With No Inspection

One trick of the trade that’s used by all of the online title companies is to simply get a Vermont title. Now this is a free, do-it-yourself process. You just pay a small fee to the state of Vermont. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a registration title with only a bill of sale.

The Vermont Advantage
If you have a bill of sale transferring that car to you, it doesn’t matter who it’s from. It doesn’t have to be from the last legal title owner; it could be from anybody. And you don’t have to be in Vermont. They will issue you a registration title, their version of ownership, for a 15-year-old vehicle or older.

Ease of Process
You can do it all yourself. There’s no inspection; you don’t have to bring the car to Vermont. You don’t have to do anything other than present the bill of sale, fill out a form, and they will issue a registration title. It’s legally recognized by every other state. So if you live in Idaho and you get this registration title from Vermont, you bring it to Idaho, and they give you an Idaho title because you have a legal title from another state.

Accessible Solution
Again, you don’t have to be in Vermont; the car doesn’t have to be in Vermont. It’s a trick of the trade that’s kind of a secret that’s used by companies to charge you hundreds of dollars when you can do it very simply all by yourself.

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