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Crime Ring Steals Rental Cars

Auction cars inspire a south Florida crime ring: The group stole high end rental cars and used them as a source of parts for similar damage cars bought at auction. Read the full story from the Palm Beach Post here.

Avoiding long wait times at the DMV

Click here to read an interesting article from The Sacramento Bee regarding the long wait times at the DMV and some tips on how to avoid them.

How To Get A Replacement Car Title

In this video we talk about getting a replacement car title for your vehicle. If you have a vehicle and you don’t have a title it may be difficult to sell the car, register, or even insure in some cases. We discuss the different scenarios of how you may have a vehicle without a title, and how to deal with each of those issues. We will also cover some of the things you will want to avoid, so that you can ensure you get your replacement title legally and without having to worry about any future problems.

We can handle your title situation…

If you have any question whether we can obtain a replacement car title for you, contact us at 256-44-TITLE (256-448-4853) for a free review of your specific case. We have experience with all the following situations, and more.

Abandoned Vehicles: If the vehicle is abandoned by the owner the title can be obtained for the new owner.

Impounded Vehicles: If your vehicle is impounded and you need the car title to release the vehicle, contact us as soon as possible since your vehicle may be accruing storage fees. If you are purchasing an impounded vehicle contact us to find out what specific paperwork you will need to get from the seller.

Unclaimed Vehicles: If a person left a vehicle with you or on your property for an extended period of time, you may want to get the car title to own the vehicle or to get the car off of your property. Contact us with the VIN# to determine the best vehicle title recovery process.

Deceased Owner: If you have a vehicle which was last titled in the name of a person who has died, you may have found it difficult to get a title. Contact us with the VIN# and the name of the person (if known) to get the title recovered.

Auction Cars: If you purchased a vehicle from auction, or from an auction broker you may not have received a title. We work on auction titles for Copart, Manheim, America, IAA, and many others. If you have the auction lane sheet that is helpful, but not required.

Lost Titles: When you call in, specify if the vehicle is currently titled in your name and you lost your car title document, or if the vehicle still needs to be transferred into your name.

Duplicate Title / Replacement Title: This is the easiest form of car title recovery. If you just need a copy of the existing title you may be able to do this yourself at no cost, or for a small amount such as $10.

Vehicle types: We can get you a title for any type of vehicle or equipment. We cover all cars and trucks from 1905 – 2018 model years, from all manufacturers in the US and import.

Motorcycles: Titles are obtained for road registered motorcycles, as well as off-road bikes, dirt bikes, dual sport and racing bikes.

Boats: Boats and watercraft titles are obtained using the hull identification number, which is equivalent to the VIN# on a vehicle.

Kit cars: Kit car titles are issued titles based on the newly issued VIN# of that specific constructed vehicle.

Trailers: Trailers and camper have a VIN# which can normally be located on the curb side frame rail of the tongue, just aft of the hitch mount. In some cases it is on the door frame of the camper entry.

Commercial equipment such as loaders, forklifts, tractors, and construction equipment titles are often needed for financing and sales to third parties. Titles for equipment is handled by our commercial division.

Want A Professional To Do It For You?

For $159 we will save you the headache and take care of the replacement car title paperwork for you. Simply choose the service you’d like us to perform for you. We’ll get some details from you after checkout and will get started for you right away!


Information Regarding Mechanics Liens

For a licensed repair facility or towing company which has legitimately taken possession voluntarily or legally, there is a process for the company to obtain a title for the purpose of disposing of the vehicle.

The process involves 4 steps:
1. Present a valid automotive business license along with a repair order signed by the vehicle owner, or legal towing affidavit.
2. Attempt to contact the prior owner and any lienholder by certified mail for a period of 30 – 90 days.
3. Advertise and publicize for 4 consecutive weeks in the legal newspaper a notice of public auction to be held on a certain date. The auction must be held during normal business hours and allow the general public to bid.
4. Conduct a legal auction and sell the vehicle to the highest bidder.

When all of these steps are followed, the licensed automotive facility can submit proof of these steps to the DMV for a title to be issued to the buyer.

This process is intended to allow a repair facility to dispose of a vehicle and offset their costs. It is not intended to process titles for non-documented owners or for the garage to take ownership themself (unless they are the highest bidder).

Attempts to use the mechanics lien process to get a title for a person who has no paperwork could be a criminal violation, and subject the vehicle owner to penalties and revocation of title.

The mechanics lien process is also not the correct title process for an abandoned vehicle, unless the vehicle is abandoned at a licensed automotive repair facility.

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