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American Car Center Title & Lien Release Problems

Some major automotive finance companies are going out of business, and if you have a loan open with one of these companies, it could affect you as a borrower. 

The latest company to fall is American Car Center, a buy here pay here chain that operates over 40 locations across 10 states. They are closing their doors and terminating 288 employees at the end of the business day. This means they will not process any more paperwork, so if you have a loan with them and are still making payments, they will not be there to process your paperwork. This could mean you might not have to make any more payments depending on who takes over, but the big question is how you will get your title. 

We recommend immediately filing with your state’s dealer licensing division for a title recovery. Another option is to start the civil lien process to have your jurisdiction declare you as the vehicle owner. Keep in mind that we are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advice. Consider consulting with an attorney to determine your consumer protection and other rights. Regardless, you should start this process early and not wait until the end of your loan, as there may not be any more funding available from the restitution fund. If you make payments, you might be wasting money, and if you don’t make payments, you could lose out on getting your title because you’re in default. 

Take action as soon as possible to ensure that your rights to get your title or lien release from American Car Center are not jeopardized because you didn’t take action fast enough or took the wrong kind of action. So, if you are a customer of American Car Center or any other lender that goes out of business, start this process immediately.

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