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American Car Center Closes Doors, Leaving Borrowers in Limbo

Some major automotive finance companies are going out of business, and as a borrower, what does this mean for you? The latest company to close its doors is American Car Center, a buy here pay here chain with 40+ locations across ten states. They terminated 288 people at the end of the business day and will not be processing any more paperwork. This means that if you have an open loan with this company and are currently making payments, American Car Center will not be there to process your paperwork, leaving you with unanswered questions about what this means for you.

Depending on who takes over, you may not have to make any more payments, but the big question is, how will you get your title? We recommend immediately filing with your state’s dealer licensing division for a title recovery. That’s number one. Number two is to start the court-ordered title process to have your jurisdiction declare you as the vehicle’s owner. Please note that we are not attorneys and are not providing legal advice. You may want to seek legal advice from an attorney to understand your consumer protection rights and other rights. However, it’s best to start this process early and not wait until the end of your loan – whether that’s a year, a year and a half, or six months from now – because there may not be any more funding available from the restitution fund.

It’s essential to start this process early. Making payments while waiting for the title recovery might be a waste of money if you don’t have to make them. On the other hand, if you don’t make your payments, you might lose out on getting your title because you’ll be in default. Therefore, it’s crucial to begin the process as soon as possible and file to ensure your rights are protected, and you receive your title or lien release from American Car Center without any issues. Taking quick action and the right kind of action is essential to avoid putting your rights in jeopardy. Therefore, if you are a customer of American Car Center or any other lender that goes out of business, it’s best to start this process right away.

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