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Accepting a Duplicate Vehicle Title

Considerations When Purchasing a Vehicle with a Duplicate Title
If you’re purchasing a vehicle and the seller is going to provide you with a title that’s a duplicate title, what are the considerations that you have? This is Dave at

Question the Original Title’s Whereabouts
The first question is: where is the original? Why does that seller have a duplicate title? It should reference right on there the duplicate, not the original title. Also, take a look to see when that duplicate was issued. If it was issued two or three years ago versus issued two or three days ago, that might make a difference on the story of why they don’t have the original.

Verify the Seller’s Authority
It also makes a difference if the seller is the listed title owner, meaning that if the seller is not the person listed on the title, they’re selling it for a friend, or it was signed over to them, that may make a difference on how that duplicate title is accepted by the DMV.

Understand the Risks of a Duplicate Title
There are risks involved with accepting a duplicate title. It means that there was another legal title for that vehicle out there somewhere. Now that title is now void, but it doesn’t say void on that title, meaning that a prior owner may have gotten a title loan or title brand on that original title that could affect your ownership on that duplicate title.

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