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5 Ways To Remove A Lien From A Car Title

Are you grappling with a vehicle title burdened by a lien, making it seemingly impossible to sell or transfer? Fret not, as we unveil five effective methods to liberate your title from the clutches of liens. Whether you’re dealing with a paid-off lien or facing challenges due to default status, these strategies provide viable solutions to regain a clean title.

1. Request a Lien Release from the Lien Holder


  • If your lien is paid off, or even if it’s not, request a lien release document from the lien holder.
  • Initiate the request in writing, following the comprehensive steps outlined on our website,
  • Accuracy is crucial; missing even a minor detail could diminish your success rate.


  • Upon successful completion, you obtain a lien release document, paving the way for a clean title.

2. Letter of Not Interest: A Backup Solution


  • When a lien holder cannot locate the records for your vehicle, request a “Letter of Not Interest.”
  • Utilize the template available on to streamline the process.


  • Armed with this letter, you can confidently approach the DMV to remove the lien from your title.

3. Investigate Lien Legitimacy: Is It Declared Illegal?


  • In some states, lenders may have faced censure for issuing illegal title loans.
  • Research if your lender is on the list of those admonished by the state or government.


  • If your lender’s actions have been deemed illegal, obtain the official order and present it to the DMV for lien removal.

4. Lender Out of Business: Prove Administrative Dissolution


  • If your lender is out of business, acquire the official corporate record of their administrative dissolution.
  • Instructions for obtaining this document are available on


  • Demonstrating the lender’s closure can serve as grounds to convince the DMV to extinguish the lien.

5. Court Order Title: A Legal Resolution


  • File a court case in the county where you reside, seeking a court order declaring you as the rightful owner of the vehicle.
  • Present documentation supporting your claim, explaining why the lien is no longer valid.


  • If unopposed by the lien holder, a court order is granted, allowing you to present it to the DMV for lien removal.

Bonus Method: Statutory Expiry of Lien

Legislation Check:

  • Research your state’s laws to determine if there’s a statutory timeframe after which a lien is automatically considered invalid.


  • Print out the relevant statute from, highlight the pertinent section, and bring it to the DMV along with your title.

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Have you faced challenges with liens on your vehicle title? Share your specific scenarios, questions, or insights in the comments below. Your experiences may provide valuable guidance to others navigating the complexities of lien removal. Let’s foster a community of knowledge to empower fellow vehicle owners.

As we explore ways to untangle the complexities of title-related issues, stay tuned for more informative discussions on Your journey to a lien-free title starts here!

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