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The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Orders

I see my order is complete, does this mean you are mailing me my title?
We have created the documents for your signature, which is required for a title application. Once you have signed the forms, you can submit them to the DMV for the title to be issued.

Why can’t you just send me a title directly?
No matter what process is used, you as the vehicle owner have to sign paper documents to complete the application. Every title company has to receive signed documents from you regardless, and can not process a title until the correct forms are signed and submitted. We do not charge you fees for things you have to do yourself anyway.

Where are my completed order documents? How do I open them?
The documents are included as a link within the delivery email we sent you. Click the link or document file to open the PDF files.

What if I don’t have a printer? Can you mail me my documents?
We can send you your title application documents by postal mail upon request.

The information on my paperwork is incorrect, how do I change it?
Email [email protected] with your order number and a description of which items need to be modified.

Is there an expiration date on this paperwork? When do I have to send it in to the DMV by?
The sooner you send the signed paperwork to the DMV the faster you will get your title, and avoid any delays or fee increases.

I ordered a Vermont Registration, and the taxes are too high! Why is this?
In order to issue the Vermont registration document, which will serve as your proof of ownership for your states title, the Vermont DMV calculates their sales tax amount based on the NADA book value. We always use the lowest possible book value which will be acceptable to the state.

But my car is in poor shape! This value does not reflect the current condition of my vehicle. What can I do?
In some cases, a vehicle may be in a condition which is not indicative of the book value. The state of Vermont does have a method to request that an alternate value be used, based on condition. This normally requires a professional third party appraisal to confirm the claim being made by the applicant. You can email us at [email protected] to request a Vermont Appraisal form, and submit it along with your application.

Why are you calculating my sales taxes off of the book value, instead of the price I purchased the vehicle for? I paid a lot less than the book value!
In order to issue the Vermont registration document, which will serve as your proof of ownership for your states title, the Vermont DMV calculates their sales tax amount based on the NADA book value. Your purchase price would only be used to calculate sales tax if the purchase price is HIGHER than the book value. We always use the lowest possible book value which will be acceptable to the state.

I ordered a Vermont Registration application. Will I need a VIN Verification for my vehicle? How do I get my VIN Verified?
VIN Verifications are needed for the following type of vehicles: All motorcycles with 500cc or over, last registered or titled in another state are required to have a visual verification. Use the provided T-10 Visual Verification form with your order. VIN verifications completed out-of-state are to be examined by motor vehicle officials or state level law enforcement officials, or by those personnel authorized by that state to perform VIN verifications.

I received Vermont registration paperwork from you, but I don’t live in Vermont! What is this?
As described on the site when you ordered your title, this is a two step process through the state of Vermont to get you a registration ownership document from a non-titling jurisdiction, which you can then use to get the title from your state. Vermont accepts the bill of sale you have, where your state does not.

I mailed my paperwork and fees in to the DMV, how long does it take to get a response?
Typically 9 – 12 business days, watch your bank account to see when your check is cashed, that will be an indication that your reg is being printed.

I ordered a Prior Owner Search. What happens if the Prior Owner does not respond?
We can then attempt another title process such as bonded title, court ordered, etc. Wait at least 30 days for the prior owner to respond.

I ordered a Lien Release Request, but the tracking number you sent is going to the other side of the country! What is going on here?
That is the location of the agent of service for the lender, who would need to sign the lien release document.

I ordered a Lien Release request, and the lender has not responded. Why?
A lender may not reply of there is still an open loan balance, a disputed charge, or if they can not verify a cleared loan.

How do I check on the status of my application with the DMV?
Most DMV’s do not have a tracking function like private companies do (such as Fedex or Amazon).

Does my bill of sale need to be notarized?
For the Vermont registration process, the bill of sale does not need to be notarized.

I ordered a Duplicate Title Application, what are my next steps?
Once you have signed the form properly, simply submit the form to the DMV in the state of origin. You can bring it in person, or send by postal mail.

I ordered a Vermont Registration Application, what are my next steps?
Once you have signed the form properly, simply submit the form to the Vermont DMV at the address specified along with the calculated tax and fee.

I ordered a Lien Release Request, what are my next steps?
The lien release document has been sent to the lender of record to be signed. Once the lender verifies the lien is no longer owed, they sign the form and return it to you or us so that you can present it to the DMV to get a title.

I ordered a Prior Owner Search & Contact, what are my next steps?
The prior owner has been sent the duplicate title form for their signature. Once they sign it and return it to you or us, you can present it to the DMV of origin to obtain the duplicate title.

I ordered a Deceased Owner Title Transfer, what are my next steps?
Once you receive the completed deceased owner title application, have the correct authorized heirship person sign the form, and attach the required documents as directed on the form. Usually this is the death certificate of the vehicle owner, and the vital record showing that the new vehicle owner is a close associate (marriage license, birth certificate, etc.)

I ordered a Bonded Title Application, what are my next steps?
The bonded title application is prepared for your signature. Once you have obtained the title bond as directed in the checklist, present this form with the bond to the DMV to have your title issued.

Help! I placed my order, but did not submit my vehicle details! How do I get my vehicle details to you?
Click the following link to supply the rest of the details for the order.

Why is the box marked for Vermont Registration? I want a Vermont title!
The state of Vermont is a non-titling jurisdiction, which means that their registration is a valid ownership document. It can be used as a title to exchange in your state for a local title.

I received my lien release document in the mail! Now what do I do?
Present that document to the DMV to clear the lien obtain a duplicate title.

I only received Vermont license plates. Where is my registration and stickers?
Those items arrive a few days after the metal plates. The metal plates are produced by prison labor and sent separately from the official forms which come from the government title office.

I am applying for a Bonded Title, where do I purchase the bond? How much will it cost?
Bonding instructions are in the checklist, and the cost of most bonds is $100, when the value of the vehicle is $6000 or less. More valuable vehicle may have a higher bond fee.

I want to contact the Prior Owner of my vehicle. Can you tell me who they are?
The Federal law enacted in 1999 called the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) prohibits disclosure of vehicle owner information to third parties without their written approval. This protects vehicles owners privacy so that someone is not able to track you down at home by writing down your license plate number if the see you on the road.

I want to cancel my order.
Send an email to [email protected] with your order number, written from the same email address as placed on the order, and we will cease operations on your title processing.

I want a refund.
Reversing an official title application can change the title record. We will send you a refund request form for you to sign in order to confirm that you wish that the title not be processed and to process the refund.

What was the $269 for?
Our fee is to prepare the correct documents as requested for you to obtain a title. The documents must be signed by you before a title is issued.