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  • Prior title search
  • Owner located
  • Title application prepared
  • Sent by registered letter
  • Return postage included
  • Turnaround: 48 hours
  • Mailed with Tracking
Be advised that you are purchasing a prior owner CONTACT. Our services are for preparation of the documents that the prior owner needs to sign, and the mailing of those documents to the prior owner. There is NO GUARANTEE that they will sign them or send them back to you. If you prefer not to incur an expense without knowing for sure if you will receive a response or a duplicate title from the prior owner, you can use the instructions on our website to perform the same steps we do, for free. This paid service is simply for document preparation and a request that the prior owner contacts you and assists with a duplicate title. The final decision is up to the prior owner, and our service and fee DOES NOT force the prior owner to take any action. The fee is paid regardless of whether the prior owner signs or not.